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Fire departments haul water to aid Fair Creek hog farm

~courtesy of the Bayard News Gazette

Volunteers from the Bagley, Bayard, Scranton and Jefferson fire departments responded to a call for water at the Fair Creek Hog Farm located in Willow Township northeast of Bayard Friday afternoon June 10.

Hot and humid weather caused the water system to draw more water than the wells and pumps could provide. Tanker trucks from the four communities dumped water into portable tanks where it was transferred into the farm’s water system. 

The trucks, including a semi trailer, were refilled with water in Bayard at the fire hall and Landus Coop. The hog farm experienced problems again on Saturday afternoon and called for additional assistance. 

The volunteers reported they were glad to help out the firm knowing the immediate need for water to keep the hogs cool in the extremely hot weather. FireTruckDistance


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