Honors, scholarships to Greene County seniors

Members of the Greene County High School class of 2016 received honor cords, scholarships and applause at the annual Awards Night Tuesday, May 17. Fifty-three students received local scholarships totaling $149,000, and if all other scholarships presented are fully disbursed, they would total $560,000.

The evening began with the presentation of gold cords to students who earned a 3.0 grade point average or higher. Gold cord recipients were Macaulay Adamson, Weston Adcock, Saba Al-Leswas, Tyler Beger, Kelsey Buenz, Taliyah Carr, Hannah Cooklin, Anthony Cunningham, Dalton Defenbaugh, Jarrett Delp, Mackenzie Dennhardt, Katelyn Durbin, Jonathan Erickson, Noah Exline, Wyatt Funcke, Alison Gallagher, Katelyn Hagen, Faith Hanson, Taylor Harmeyer, Reilly Harrington, Brooke Hayes and Marissa Hinners.

Also Danielle Johnson, Emily Joy, Reid Lamoureux, Morgan Lansman, Lakota Larson, Benjamin Lint, Molly Mannell, Alyssa Matthews, Kyle McAleer, Jasmine McClintic, Kimberly Millard, Solana Mobley, Emily Most, Tory Mount, Maxwell Neese, Zach Neil, Meritza Paniagua, David Petersen, Hannah Peterson, August Phillips, Brittany Richardson, Kasey Rickers, Nicole Rohner, Jensen Ruzicka, Alyssa Scheuerman, Victoria Sims, Wyatt Tipton, Tori Tucker, Daric Whipple, Spencer Wiggins, Jacob Wittry, Ethan Woodruff and Wade Wuebker.

Students were honored for performing and documenting community service during their high school years. Students earning recognition performed 200 hours of community service, with a minimum of 45 hours each year. Receiving green cords for volunteerism were Faith Hanson, Lakota Larson, Max Neese, Brittany Richardson and Wyatt Tipton.

LifeServe Blood Center recognized graduates for their commitment to saving lives by giving blood. Receiving certificates were Cassidy Adamson, Weston Adcock, Tyler Beger, Hannah Cooklin, Anthony Cunningham, Alyssa Matthews, Branden Miller, Jensen Ruzicka, Daric Whipple and Spencer Wiggins.

The world languages department presented a certificate of distinguished accomplishment to Hannah Cooklin. She took four years of French and Spanish while in high school.

The Iowa Bar Association/Greene County Bar Association presented citizenship awards to Wyatt Tipton and Wade Wuebker.

The Heart of Iowa Activities Conference presented certificates to student athletes who met a minimum grade point average. Honored were Mac Adamson, Tyler Beger, Matthew Gordon, Katelyn Hagen, Brooke Hayes, Reid Lamoureux, Sunny Mobley, Max Neese, Nicole Rohner, Daric Whipple and Ethan Woodruff.

The U.S. Marine Corps recognized Alison Gallagher and Matthew Gordon as distinguished athletes. Reid Lamoureux received the Marines’ scholastic excellence award, and Weston Adcock received the Marines’ Semper Fidelis Award.

Max Neese received the Bernie Saggau Award. Ram of the Year awards were given to Nicole Rohner and Daric Whipple.

The inaugural Halycon Ruth Dixon scholarships were awarded. The $2,000 scholarships are funded by a $600,000 bequest to the Greene County Community Schools Foundation. The board of education in March approved awarding the scholarships to a maximum of 15 students per year, with preference being given to students not receiving other scholarship. The funds are invested until such time as they are disbursed.

Recipients of Dixon scholarships for 2016 are Katelyn Durbin, David Petersen, Wyatt Funcke, Reid Lamoureux, Tyler Beger, Taylor Harmeyer, Kimberly Millard, Marissa Hinners, Matthew Gordon, Morgan Lansman, Sunny Mobley, Macauley Adamson, Alison Gallagher and Ethan Woodrufff.

Scholarships were presented as follows:

  • AKSARBEN Ag Leaders Scholarship – Lakota Larson
  • Beaty Memorial Scholarship – Danielle Johnson
  • Ben Carman Memorial Scholarship – Cassidy Adamson, Branden Miller
  • Beta Tau Delta scholarship – Mac Adamson, Emily Joy, Kasey Rickers
  • Betty Jo Callaway Memorial Scholarship – Anthony Cunningham, Katelyn Hagen, Dalton Defenbaugh, Benjamin Lint, Branden Miller, Lakota Larson, Danielle Johnson, Brooke Hayes, Jarrett Delp, Tori Tucker
  • Buena Vista University Arch scholarship – Nicole Rohner
  • Central College scholarships – Alyssa Matthews, Cornerstone, French, Journey and multi-cultural; Katelyn Durbin, fund and presidential
  • Chuck Scott Hastings Memorial Scholarship – Sunny Mobley
  • Complete Insurance scholarship – Brittany Richardson
  • David Finch Memorial Scholarship – Branden Miller
  • DMACC Foundation scholarship – Sunny Mobley
  • Earl Wilson scholarship – Kelsey Buenz, Katelyn Durbin, Emily Most, Tory Mount
  • East Greene athletic scholarship – Max Neese, Wyatt Tipton, Tyler Beger, Matthew Gordon, Benjamin Lint
  • Elks Lodge scholarships – Jonathan Varricchio, vocational student; Danielle Johnson, Brittany Richardson, National Foundation
  • Ernest Prehm scholarship – Katelyn Hagen, Wade Wuebker
  • Fern Olive scholarship – Cassidy Adamson, Weston Adcock, Marissa Hinners
  • Frank Linduska Memorial Scholarship – Ryan Moranville
  • Fred Blackmer Agricultural Scholarship – Wade Wuebker
  • Gose Farms scholarship – Tory Mount, Wade Wuebker
  • Governor’s Scholar recognition – Reid Lamoureux
  • Grand Junction fire and rescue scholarship – Ashley Kellogg, Kimberly Millard
  • Grand Junction Lions Club scholarship – Danielle Johnson, Emily Most
  • Greene County Activities Club scholarship – Brittany Richardson, Wade Wuebker
  • Greene County Cattlemen scholarship – Mac Adamson, Mackenzie Dennhardt, Lakota Larson, Max Neese, Hannah Peterson, Wyatt Tipton, Tori Tucker
  • Greene County Education Association scholarship – Tyler Beger, Brooke Hayes
  • Greene County Environmental Habitat scholarship – Hannah Peterson
  • Greene County Farm Bureau scholarship – Lakota Larson
  • Greene County Medical Center Auxiliary – Sunny Mobley, Emily Most, Tori Tucker
  • Greene County Medical Center Foundation scholarship – Mac Adamson, Sunny Mobley, Emily Most, Tori Tucker
  • Greene County Pork Producers scholarship – Max Neese, Tori Tucker, Wade Wuebker
  • Greene County Schools Foundation, anonymous – Brooke Hayes
  • Greene County Soil & Water scholarship – Hannah Peterson
  • Greene County SWCD Conservation Club scholarship – Hannah Peterson
  • Hazel Brown Zachar PEO scholarship – Lakota Larson, Tory Mount
  • Historic Cooper school district scholarship – Cheyanne Anderson, Lakota Larson, Hannah Peterson, Alyssa Scheuerman
  • Home State Bank scholarship – Kelsey Buenz, Molly Mannel
  • Iowa Black Powder Federation scholarship – Alison Gallagher
  • Iowa Central Community College scholarships – Tori Tucker, academic, health competition; Cassidy Adamson, Wade Adcock, Jarrett Delp, athletic/band scholarship; student merit, C. Adamson, Delp, Jonathan Varricchio; Foundation academic, Faith Hanson, Kasey Rickers; academic room and accounting associate, Hanson; student merit, Wyatt Tipton, Branden Miller; competition day, C. Adamson, Hanson; industrial tech GPA, Miller
  • Iowa State Troopers scholarship – Anthony Cunningham
  • Iowa State University – academic and scholarship, Morgan Lansman; Christina Hixson Award, Katelyn Durbin; CR Mussier Agriculture Scholarship, Tory Mount; multicultural Vision program, Daric Whipple.
  • Ivan F. and Deloris M. Hunter scholarship – Hannah Peterson
  • Jack Finneseth Memorial Scholarship – Wyatt Tipton
  • Jackie Graven Memorial Scholarship – Cassidy Adamson
  • Jefferson BPO Does scholarship – Morgan Lansman, Ethan Woodruff
  • Jefferson Kiwanis Club scholarship – Cassidy Carstens, William Davis, Dalton Defenbaugh, Alison Gallagher, Faith Hanson, Branden Miller
  • Jefferson Lions Club scholarship – Alison Gallagher, Mitchell Gorsuch, Brittany Richardson
  • Jefferson Rotary Club scholarship – Reid Lamoureux, Jensen Ruzicka, Wyatt Tipton, Wade Wuebker
  • Jefferson Telecom scholarship – Alison Gallagher, Reid Lamoureux, Wyatt Funcke, Hannah Peterson
  • Jefferson-Scranton School Foundation scholarship – Anthony Cunningham, Marissa Hinners, Reid Lamouruex, David Petersen, Hannah Peterson
  • J-S School Foundation Heath Jackson scholarship – Alison Gallagher, Jensen Ruzicka
  • Karen Younie Memorial Scholarship – Nicole Rohner
  • Kay Sweet Memorial Scholarship – Faith Hanson
  • Kevin Wills Memorial Scholarship – Cassidy Carstens
  • Kirkwood Community College Leaders for Tomorrow scholarship – Hannah Peterson
  • La’ James College scholarship – Kasey Rickers
  • Logan Scheuermann Memorial Scholarship – Katelyn Durbin
  • MNLRA scholarship – Alison Gallagher
  • Morning Star Masonic Lodge scholarship – Cassidy Adamson, William Davis, Jarrett Delp, Mackenzie Dennhardt, Wyatt Funcke, Marissa Hinners, Danielle Johnson, Ian McElderry
  • Morse Kennedy Memorial Scholarship – Emily Most
  • Peoples Trust & Savings Bank scholarship – Cassidy Adamson, Mackenzie Dennhardt, Katelyn Hagen, Morgan Lansman, Benjamin Lint, Hannah Peterson, Tori Tucker
  • R.H. Maloney scholarship – Brooke Hayes
  • Raccoon Valley Radio scholarship – Max Neese
  • Roger Nailor Memorial Scholarship – Alison Gallagher
  • Sharon Towers Memorial Scholarship – Katelyn Hagen
  • Simpson College scholarship – Ethan Woodruff, honor; Danielle Johnson, music, presidential, speech/debate
  • Spirit scholarship – Taylor Harmeyer
  • Student council scholarship – Wade Wuebker
  • Tony Adrusyk scholarship – Keyden Pollock
  • UNI scholarship – Brittany Richardson, Daric Whipple, distinguished scholar; Whipple, multicultural
  • University of Iowa scholarship – Lakota Larson, business, scholars; Reid Lamoureux, scholars
  • Upper Iowa University scholarship – Brooke Hayes, presidential
  • Viola Vorhies Nia scholarship – Zach Neil
  • Warren Raney Memorial Scholarship – Max Neese
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