Why we Relay: Helping people like Nancy Rogers become cancer survivors

Nancy and Dean Rogers
Nancy and Dean Rogers

~The Scranton Journal

No one wants to hear those dreaded three words: ‘You have cancer’ but unfortunately, many people will receive that diagnosis from their doctors this year.

Nancy Rogers of Scranton was recently diagnosed with early stage ovarian cancer. She went through surgery and chemotherapy prescribed by her oncologist as a precaution against any lingering cancer cells.

One of the side effects of chemotherapy is the loss of hair. Nancy knew that it was coming and when that day arrived, she took it in stride. In fact, she asked her family and friends to join her as her head was shaved.

In addition to her husband Dean, Nancy has been supported by her church family, members of the Faith Baptist Church in Carroll.

“They have been so supportive,” said Nancy, “with prayers, friendship, gifts, meals and an outpouring of love.”

She in turn, wanted to share a message with her friends. “With hair or without hair, I am still the same person,” explained Nancy. “I hope this experience will help them all to be more aware that there is a real person inside even when they look different.

“I want people to know that because of my faith in Jesus Christ, I am content with my circumstances and I trust God to lead me through this journey,” added Nancy.

She noted she’s had some complications from the treatment but nothing out of the ordinary. However, Nancy admitted it’s very difficult to take it easy when she’s accustomed to keeping busy at their business, John 15 Vineyard.

“They tell me I just have to be a good girl and take it easy for a while, but that’s awfully hard to do,” she confessed.

Although she has some healing to do, Nancy feels she is on the road to recovery and that this experience is just a bump in the road of life.

N Rogers shavingWhen the effects of the chemotherapy treatment for early stage ovarian cancer caused her hair to fall out, Nancy decided to include her family and friends from the Faith Baptist Church in Carroll in shaving her head. Susanne Christensen handled the hair trimmers as Nancy’s husband, Dean watched.


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