Landus Cooperative tells officers for board of directors

Landus CooperativeLandus Cooperative on April 6 announced election results for officers for the board of directors held during the cooperative’s first board meeting.

With nominations from the floor and a majority-wins vote including all 18 board members present, John Scott, an Odebolt area farmer was elected president of the board of directors for Landus Cooperative. Jordan Carstens, a Bagley area farmer was elected vice president and Dan Reynolds, a Rockwell City area farmer was elected as secretary/treasurer of the board.

“As a member of Landus Cooperative, I am first and foremost pleased that we have such a talented and experienced board. Personally, it is an honor to be elected by my peers to represent our farmers,” said Scott. “Going forward, our board will focus on capitalizing on opportunities and doing the right thing to benefit our members.”

Sue Tronchetti of Paton, Sam Spellman of Woodward, and Jim Carlson of Gowrie, along with Scott, Carstens and Reynolds will form the executive committee of the board.

Per the Articles of Incorporation voted on by the membership, the Landus Cooperative board of directors includes the following members. The year their current term expires is also listed.

  • Tim Kolder, Ackley (2018)
  • Jordan Carstens, Bagley (2019)
  • Daryl Doerder, Boone (2017)
  • Nate Stewart, Cedar Falls (2017)
  • Gary Graber, Forest City (2018)
  • Jim Carlson, Gowrie (2019)
  • Trent Farnham, Gowrie    (2018)
  • Matt Showalter, Hampton (2019)
  • Daniel Heller, Irwin (2018)
  • Jay Drees, Manning (2018)
  • Jim Long, Maxwell (2017)
  • Darrell Jensen, Menlo (2017)
  • John Scott, Odebolt (2019)
  • Craig Heineman, Ogden   (2017)
  • Sue Tronchetti, Paton (2019)
  • Dan Reynolds, Rockwell City (2017)
  • Glen Christensen, Scranton (2019)
  • Sam Spellman, Woodward (2018)

Several additional committees were named. The full list is online in the pressroom at and available at Landus Cooperative locations.

As set out in the plan of merger and approved by the voting membership, the first election for directors is slated to be held in 2017. The number of directors thereafter may be changed pursuant to the terms of the Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws. Except as determined under the plan of merger, board members serve three year terms, with a limitation of four consecutive terms.

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