County board okays 5-year road construction plan

Work on N-65, Hyde Park bridge planned for this summer

County Road N-65 (D Ave) in western Greene County is at the top of the list on the secondary roads’ 5-year construction plan. The plan was approved April 11 by the Greene County supervisors after a presentation by county engineer Wade Weiss.

Replacing the deck of the bridge over the Raccoon River near Hyde Park in Kendrick Township, as well as pavement patching on 11 miles from County Road E- 39 (210th St) north to the Greene/Calhoun County line will be completed this summer.

Also planned for this summer is replacing/repairing the bridge on E-39 one-half mile east of the Greene/Carroll County line. The paving project at Trinity Ae and 125th St northeast of Paton will be completed as well.

Total cost of the projects is $4.6 million. The two projects on N-65 have a combined cost of $3.3 million. Of that, $2.644 million will be funded with federal aid and the remaining will come from farm-to-market funds.

Work on the E-39 bridge is pegged at $500,000 and will be paid for with local funds derived from the 10-cent per gallon gas tax. The 10-cent gas tax monies will also cover $375,000 of the cost for the Trinity/125th St project, with state RISE funds covering the remaining $425,000.

Weiss explained that both bridges scheduled for work this summer are on the Iowa DOT’s list of structurally deficient bridges. The designation of “structurally deficient” doesn’t mean the bridges can’t be used safely, “but that some part of the structure has a condition rating that isn’t good.”

He said there are several structurally deficient bridges in the county. Some concrete bridges are set on wooden piling, as was the practice years ago. The wood eventually deteriorates.

Future years’ projects are:

  • 2018 – pavement patching on six miles of County Road E-57 west of Highway 4 with replacement of the bridge over Greenbrier Creek at a cost of $1.6 million;
  • 2019 – overlay on County Road E-18 (130th St) from County Road P-29 (N Ave) east two miles to P Ave in Dawson Township with replacement of the bridge over W. Buttrick Creek at a cost of $1.852 million;
  • 2020 – countywide pavement patching and replacement of the Parkland Ave bridge over Hardin Creek in Grant Township at a cost of $1.5 million; and
  • 2021 – rehabilitation of the bridge over Greenbrier Creek on County Road E-63 (330th St) in Greenbrier Township and overla on County Road P-46 (V Ave) from the Greene/Dallas County line north two miles in Washington Township at a cost of $2 million.
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