‘Libraries Transform!” theme of National Library Week

Library Week logoApril 10-16 is National Library Week, a time to celebrate the dynamic changes that are happening in today’s libraries across the nation. First sponsored in 1958, National Library Week is a national observance sponsored by the American Library Association (ALA) and libraries across the country.

Several activities for adults and children are planned, beginning with an open house Monday, April 11, and running throughout the month. For a complete schedule, click here.

“Service to the community has always been the focus of the library. We are constantly transforming to meet the needs of our community,” said Jefferson public library director Jane Millard. “Libraries level the playing field for people of any age who are seeking the information and access to technologies that will improve their quality of life.

“Libraries today are more about what they do, for and with library users as opposed to what they have for patrons. Libraries aren’t only a place of quiet study, but also creative and engaging community centers where people can collaborate using new technologies, learn how to use a scanner, create a PowerPoint® program, or just relax. Our library offers access to a variety of print and digital resources, including resources that can be accessed in person or online.”

The roles of libraries are ever changing. Once monitored by a stern shushing librarian, it was a building that offered a varied collection of books…now, books and more… a vibrant meeting place, a hidden spot for quiet study, an opportunity to connect with friends and family in different towns, states, and countries, a play date location, an after-school safe destination, on-line classes, and much more. Libraries are evolving to connect members of the communities they serve.

Why do libraries transform…


The Jefferson public library is the life-long learning center of our community and the place people turn to for the discovery of ideas, the joy of reading, the exercise of imagination, and the power of information.

This is the mission statement of the Jefferson Public Library…life-long learning, discovery of ideas, joy of reading, exercise of imagination, and power of information.

Why do libraries transform…

Because more than a quarter of u.s. Households do not have a computer.

Because students can’t afford scholarly journals on a ramen noodle budget.

Because employers want candidates who know the difference between a web search and research.

Because 5 out of 5 doctors agree reading aloud to children supports brain development.

  • Today’s libraries are not just about what we have for people, but what we do for and with people.
  • Libraries are at the heart of our communities—a resource for people of any age to find what they need to help improve their quality of life.
  • Our society is at a critical juncture with regard to the changing information landscape and the skills needed to thrive in our digital world.
  • Libraries are evolving with these changes in order to serve the public and to continue to fulfill their role in leveling the playing field for all who seek information and access to technologies.
  • Libraries also are expanding beyond their traditional roles and providing more opportunities for community engagement and delivering new services that connect closely with patrons’ needs.
  • Library professionals facilitate individual opportunity and community progress.
  • Libraries are committed to advancing their legacy of reading and developing a digitally inclusive society.
  • Libraries of all kinds add value in five key areas: education, employment, entrepreneurship, empowerment and engagement.

Why do libraries transform…

Because learning to read comes before reading to learn.

Join your local library as it celebrates National Library Week with programs, activities, and stories. Talk to a librarian today and share your story about the library’s positive impact on your life.

For more information, visit the Jefferson public library at 200 W. Lincoln Way, 515-386-4415.National Library Week flyer

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