Geese ignore swimming signs at Scranton park

GeeseSwimmingLeesa Squibb of Scranton laughed and wrote “they must have missed the memo!” about the geese who frequent the Lost Lagoon (Pond Park) at Scranton. She captured this photo of two pair of geese paddling across the pond.

Plans are in the works for the Fifth Annual Kids Fishing Day to be held on Saturday, June 4. The committee is working hard to get things “all baited and reeled in, prizes all strung up and feeding frenzy delight in time for this year’s big splash event.” City officials have approved the event, pending insurance to be provided by the committee.

Squibb says, “Plan to join us for the ‘hook, line and sinker’ fun-filled exciting day. This is also free fishing weekend so grab your gear and join the fun!” More details will be forthcoming. ~The Scranton Journal

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