County taking next step on courthouse dome restoration

Greene County engineer Wade Weiss spoke Monday with the county board of supervisors about how best to proceed to meet competitive bidding requirements for work on the courthouse dome.

The estimated cost for the work is $175,000. State law requires a competitive bid process for work more than $135,000.

An inspection was done of the large dome last Friday by Marty Grund of the Stained Glass Store of Des Moines, the company that did a restoration of the smaller stained glass dome in the courtroom in the fall of 2014. The inspection showed the clear exterior cover on the dome has deteriorated more than thought.

The project will include repairing broken panels and reglazing all the seams in the clear cover, as well as building a new maintenance platform around the dome.

The work on the stained glass will be similar to what was done on the courtroom dome, with the entire dome dismantled and the pieces cleaned and then reassembled.

Weiss will ask an engineer at Brooks Borg Skiles of Des Moines to prepare a request for proposals. He warned that it may delay the project, that step is needed to meet legal requirements.


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