BRR 2016 is history

 (Editor’s note: The 39th Bike Ride to Rippey, BRR, hosted by the Perry Chamber of Commerce, was held Feb. 6. The 24 mile route takes bicyclists from Perry to Rippey and back.)

~written in first person by Rippey’s own Jean Borgeson

As the riders came in from the east, they were greeted by the friendly staff at Sparky’s, who, when I asked how it was going, smiled and said. “GREAT!”  When I left them, I overheard a biker say, “They are sure friendly in there!!” 

I couldn’t help myself, so I said, “I couldn’t agree more!”  This man was from northern Iowa and said he didn’t mind the snow.

Rick Liebeck didn’t mind me taking this picture of his “best” side, as he tried to direct the bikers to the food destinations.BRR Rick Liebeck

When they passed Dennis “Chappy” Chapman’s stand, they could see the many choices of soups, sandwiches and cookies he had prepared. In talking with him, he said he has done this for 17 years. 

The Rippey Lions Club reported being very busy until they ran out of food, which is a good thing. When I stopped in the place was full and people were visiting.  None seemed in a hurry to get back on their bikes!BRR Rippey Lions outside

Lions Club member Nancy Hanaman shared the view in front of the library/community building was filled with a sea of bicycles and riders. 

BRR Rippey Lions Ed FallonNancy also shared this picture and related the story of Carson Griffith’s piano:

Ed Fallon, a former state legislator and  political activist, rode  to Rippey on Saturday on the first leg of the BRR Ride. He cycled to the Rippey library\Community Building to enjoy a roast beef sundae and other treats served by the Rippey Lions Club.

He noticed the piano near where he was sitting and asked if he could play it. Since the piano bench was being used by some of the riders, he needed to wait a short time to begin. The catchy tunes were soon heard above all of the chattering and rewarded with a hearty round of applause.

Ed was interested to learn the background of the piano and Carson’s longtime service as a music teacher. This was the first public performance on the piano that was donated by Carson Griffith’s family in 2015. Carson would have been proud.

Rippey UMC BRR 2016, Jean Borgeson took the picture.BRR Methodist Church

 The view in front of the church was much the same. The church youth group reported a really good day, the best ever, they thought. They prepared 150 pounds of potatoes plus chili and trimmings, and the important bars and pies! 

Pastor Paul was bussing tables and he reported that more than once, as he thanked people for coming, they would reply, “No.  Thank you for doing this for us!” 

 BRR fire truckI snapped this picture from the porch of Rippey fire chief Pete Johnson and his wife Kate during BRR 2016. The truck is new to the department and had been on its first call a few days ago.

Kate (Brubaker) Johnson, reporting for the firemen on Sunday, said they sold out of everything and it was an especially good fundraiser for the fire department.  She also remarked that she can work all day with her brother Dan and not feel as stiff as she did on Sunday! 

All in all, as BRR rides go, it seems to have been successful, at least in our little corner of the world.


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