Dem, GOP committees tell caucus plans

The central committees of the Greene County Democrats and the Greene County Republicans have announced plans for the Iowa caucuses next Monday, Feb. 1. Every voting precinct in the state will hold caucuses Monday evening.

Any registered voter who indicated a party preference with their registration can attend their party’s caucus. Persons can register to vote and indicate or change their party preference at any caucus location.

 Persons who are not yet 18 years old but who will turn 18 before Election Day on Nov. 8, can attend a caucus.

Doors to Democratic caucuses will open at 6:30 pm with registration ending at 7 pm. All three Jefferson precincts will caucus at Greene County High School, with voters in Jefferson 1 in the cafeteria, Jefferson 2 in the library, and Jefferson 3 in the auditorium. Other precinct caucus sites are: Central, Jefferson municipal building; West, Scranton Community Center; North, Churdan Community Room; and East, St Brigid Parish Center in Grand Junction.

Doors to Republican caucuses will open at 6 pm with registration ending at 7 pm. Caucus locations are: Jefferson 1, Greene County courthouse, third floor; Jefferson 2, Abundant Life Ministries on W. Lincoln Way; Jefferson 3, Greene County Elementary School; Central, Clover Hall at the fairgrounds in Jefferson; West, Scranton Community Center; North, Paton-Churdan School; and East, Grand Junction Community Center.

Those who attend a caucus not only indicate their preference for their party’s presidential candidate, but also elect delegates to their county conventions and prepare recommendations for their party’s platform.

Each party uses a slightly different process. For more information about the Democratic caucuses, visit For more information about the Republican caucuses, visit


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