Letter to the editor – Patti Edwardson

To the editor,

I am a woman for Bernie.

Like many Americans, I want to see a woman elected president of the United States. However, I also want women – and men – from all walks of life to have the opportunities that will get them into leadership positions so the real likelihood of women elected president will last into the future.

I want women to be able to attend college and find their own purpose and passion. I want women to be able to work for a decent wage while knowing their children are in good hands. I want women to be able to take time off their jobs to care for a newborn or for a family member who is ill.

I want women to have reproduction choices and accessible, reliable, and affordable health care. I want women to know they will have Social Security benefits in their older years, or in the misfortune of losing a spouse and left with children at home.

I want women to know that a mistake of using illegal drugs or becoming addicted to painkillers will not land them in jail and destroy their future opportunities. I want women to know that our criminal justice system will be reformed and their children can grow up without a parent in prison for minor offenses.

I want women to feel their country is secure when their president understands that the United States’ relationships with other countries must be one of collaboration rather than one of dominance, and is not obliged to go to war to boost the profits of the military industry.

Bernie Sanders has the policies and positions that will accomplish these goals. He is the only presidential candidate that has the integrity and the consistency in supporting women.

Bernie Sanders is a role model of public service, not a demagogue. He is running for President of the United States to bring about a political revolution. To make that happen, we must come together and recognize the value and the common good of Bernie’s positions. We can’t be scared off by the label of socialism when all that word means is a government that works for the people rather than for corporations and the wealthiest of Americans.

Please join me in caucusing for Bernie Sanders on February 1. Do it for the women in your life, and for women of the future.

Patti Edwardson, Churdan

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