Vacancy on Greene Co school board

Board plans to appoint Jan. 20

The Greene County board of education at its regular meeting Jan. 20 will appoint a new member to replace Susan Burkett, who is moving from the district.

The appointee will fill the seat until the September 2017 regular school election.

However, electors of the district have the right to file a petition requiring the vacancy be filled by special election. A valid petition with at least 488 signatures calling for the election would need to be presented to the school district office by Jan. 20.

Burkett was originally elected to the East Greene board of education. With the reorganization of the East Greene and Jefferson-Scranton schools, Burkett was one of two EG board members appointed by that board to serve on the new Greene County board. Greene County board members are elected at large from the entire district. The new board member could come from the former East Greene or the former J-S district.

Persons interested in being appointed to the board should contact any board member, or board secretary or superintendent Tim Christensen at the school district office at 515-386-4168.

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