Weather data, week ending Jan. 1

Weather week ending Jan. 1Monthly data shows record precipitation

Jefferson received 5.1 inches of snow during the week that ended Friday, Jan. 1, at 6 am. Precipitation for the week totaled .69 inches.

High temperature for the week was 33 degrees, with a low temperature of 5 degrees.

December was a record-breaking month, according to volunteer weather observer John Beltz. Jefferson received 12.3 inches of snow, and that, along with nearly two inches of rain, brought the total precipitation for the month to 5.73 inches, breaking the previous record of 4.48 inches set in 1982. Beltz reported there were 11 days with snow on the ground in Jefferson.

Normal snowfall for December is 7.1 inches and normal precipitation is 1.18 inches.

December was warmer than normal, but not record breaking. Average high temperature for the month was 38 degrees (31.4 is normal) and average high temperature for the month was 24.8 degrees (13.5 is normal). Average temperature for the month was 31.4 degrees, compared to the normal average December temperature of 22.5 degrees. The warmest December was in 1965 with an average temperature of 34.4 degrees.

High temperature for the month was 55 degrees on Dec. 10 and again on Dec. 11. There were five days when the high was 50 degrees or warmer, and 13 days when the temperature was 40 degrees or warmer.

Low temperature for the month was 7 degrees on Dec. 31. That was the only time the low was in single digits. The low temperature on Dec. 10 was 50 degrees, and there were 13 days when the low temperature was 32 degrees or warmer.


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