Greene County 4-H honors members, adults

4-H special awards
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The Greene County 4-H program honored members, adults and businesses for their accomplishments during the 2014-15 year. Awards were presented Sunday afternoon in ceremonies held at the Greene County High School auditorium in Jefferson.

A highlight of the day was the presentation of special awards to one outstanding 4-H member at each level – junior, grades 4-6; intermediate, grades 7-8; and senior, grades 9-12. Pictured are (from left) Lauryn Killion, Junior Spark; Arthur Bardole, Intermediate Flame; and Cassidy Carstens, Stellar Senior.

Junior awards were as follows:

  • Record keeping recognition – Conner Allender, Bailey Anderson, Avery Bardole, Chloe Berns, Nathan Black, Grace Curtis, Hannah Curtis, Caden Etherton, Parker Fitzpatrick, Ashlyn Frederick, Ethan Frederick, Emma Halterman, Katrina Heupel, Natalie Heupel, Noble Hoyt, Megan Palmer, Amie Schroeder, Olivia Shannon, Karissa Stephenson, Justin Stream, Annie Twillie, Alexa Villalobos, Christopher Villalobos and Josey Weaver.
  • Outstanding junior record keeping – Hannah Curtis, Natalie Heupel and Katrina Heupel.
  • Honorable mention junior record keeping – Conner Allender, Bailey Anderson, Nathan Black and Ashlyn Frederick.
  • Junior Spark Award – Lauryn Killion
  • Participation awards: Excellence – Conner Allender, Katrina Heupel, Natalie Heupel, Avery Bardole, Noble Hoyt, Chloe Berns, Amie Schroeder, Nathan Black, Olivia Shannon, Grace Curtis, Justin Stream, Hannah Curtis, Caden Etherton, Alexa Villalobos, Ashlyn Frederick, Christopher Villalobos, Ethan Frederick, Josey Weaver and Emma Halterman. Merit – Bailey Anderson and Annie Twillie.
  • Project awards: Chloe Berns – Food & Nutrition; Nathan Black – Food & Nutrition, Photography, and Woodworking; Hannah Curtis – Food & Nutrition, Citizenship, and Child Development; Justin Stream – Sheep and Sewing & Needle Arts; and Annie Twillie – Beef, Visual Arts, Consumer Management, and Food & Nutrition.

Intermediate awards were as follows:

  • Record keeping recognition – Brock Badger, Arthur Bardole, Madison Brincks, Megan Brincks, Gina Brown, Brandon Carstens, Brian Hardaway, Aubrey Heupel, Immanuel Jubell, Kassie Lamoureux, Kirsten Lamoureux, Caden Messer, Kara Reed, Caden Wilson and Brock Wuebker.
  • Outstanding intermediate record keeping – Brock Badger.
  • Honorable mention intermediate record keeping – Arthur Bardole, Madison Brincks, Megan Brincks, Aubrey Heupel and Caden Messer.
  • Intermediate Flame Award – Arthur Bardole.
  • Participation awards: Excellence – Brock Badger, Immanuel Jubell, Arthur Bardole, Caden Messer, Brian Hardaway, Kara Reed, Aubrey Heupel and Brock Wuebker.
  • Project awards: Brock Badger – Sheep and Mechanics; Arthur Bardole – Rabbit, Sewing & Needle Arts, Communication, and Woodworking; Madison Brincks – Horse & Pony; Megan Brincks – Horse & Pony, Rabbit, Visual Arts; Brian Hardaway – Dog, Sheep, Photography, Sewing & Needle Arts, Science, Technology, & Engineering; Aubrey Heupel – Sheep and Citizenship; Kara Reed – Sheep, Swine, and Home Improvement; and Brock Wuebker – Swine.

Senior awards were as follows:

  • Record keeping recognition – Abby Badger, Jake Berns, Kara Betts, Gwen Black, Cassidy Carstens, David Dideriksen, Lucas Fisher, Emily Finch, Samantha Hardaway, Emily Heupel, Jaden Hoyt, Wyatt Klocksiem, Emma Larson, Jared Marshall, Reilly Niles, Kara Schroeder and Wade Wuebker.
  • Outstanding senior record keeping – Abby Badger and Kara Betts.
  • Honorable mention senior record keeping – Gwen Black, Jake Berns, Emily Finch, Lucas Fisher and Samantha Hardaway.
  • Stellar Senior Award – Cassidy Carstens.
  • Participation awards: Excellence – Abby Badger, Samantha Hardaway, Jake Berns, Emily Heupel, Kara Betts, Gwen Black, Jared Marshall, Kara Schroeder, Lucas Fisher, Wade Wuebker and Emily Finch.
  • Merit – Jaden Hoyt and David Dideriksen.
  • Project awards: Abby Badger – Beef and Swine; Jake Berns – Swine; Gwen Black – Photography, Food & Nutrition, and Woodworking; Lucas Fisher – Food & Nutrition and Communication; Emily Finch – Sheep; Samantha Hardaway – Dog, Horse & Pony, Sheep, Photography, Clothing & Fashion, and Sewing; Emily Heupel – Sewing & Needle Arts and Citizenship; and Jared Marshall – Poultry, Rabbit, Environment & Sustainability, Food & Nutrition, and Communications.

Adult awards were presented as follows:

  • Iowa 4-H Hall of Fame – David and Cherie Roquet.
  • 4-H Alumni – Michele Hardin, Julie Larson and Dawn Rudolph.
  • Honorary 4-H – Jane Finch.
  • Friend of 4-H – Greene County FFA, Greene County Medical Center, Jefferson Matters: Main Street, McFarland Clinic, NEW Cooperative Inc., Peoples Trust & Savings Bank, Presbyterian Church in Jefferson, and West Central Cooperative
  • Meritorious Service – Greene County Fair board and Luann Waldo of The Scranton Journal.
  • Award of the Clover: Five years, Mindy Durlam, David Wolf, Lisa Kuhl, Jane Finch; 20 years, Michele Hardin; and 30 years, Randy Hedges.

Other awards and contest winners – Refer a New Member to 4-H Contest, Allison Dudley; Wear Your 4-H Shirt Contest, Emma Hoyle; National 4-H Week Window Decorating Contest, Greenbrier 4-H Club; and Herdsmanship Award, Hardin Happy Hustlers 4-H Club.

Randy and Linda Hedges provided each 4-H member who completed record keeping the gift of a 2015 presidential gold dollar.

Greene County 4-H clubs and their leaders were announced as follows:

  • Cedar Highland: Jennifer Miller, Lori Berns, and Kim Stephenson. 2014-2015 was Kyle Niles’ last year of leading the club.
  • Cose 4-H Horse: Lindsey Cose
  • Greenbrier: Randy and Linda Hedges
  • Hardin Clovers: Stephanie Hall and Wendy Pittman
  • Hardin Happy Hustlers: Sharon Fisher, Kathy Marshall, Kathy Bravard
  • Junction Food Producers: Chan and Sue Burkett. 2014-2015 was Sue Burkett’s last year of leading the club
  • Junction Jets: Sindee Heaning
  • Kendrick Generic Bunch: Craig Peterson
  • Raccoon River Rockets: Mindy Durlam and Lisa Kuhl
  • Raccoon Valley Innovators: Shannon Funcke
  • Shooting Sports: Steve Haupert, Dan Towers, Jim Funcke, Kirk Citurs, and Dean Ross
  • Washington Winners: Ben Gannon & Mary Jo St. Clair

Greene County 4-H Young Leaders: Arthur Bardole, Kara Betts, Gwen Black, Cassidy Carstens, David Dideriksen, Emily Finch, Emily Heupel, Kasey Lane, Jared Marshall, Reilly Niles and Wade Wuebker.

Sarah Jo Reynolds is County Youth and 4-H coordinator for Iowa State University Extension and Outreach. ~The Scranton Journal


Scranton Journal photo
Junior award recipients  |  Scranton Journal photo

Greene County Junior 4-H members receiving awards for their work in 2014/15 at the annual ceremony were (front, from left) Ethan Frederick, Emma Halterman, Olivia Shannon, Katrina Heupel and Bailey Anderson; (middle, from left) Nathan Black, Caden Etherton, Ashlyn Frederick, Conner Allender, Grace Curtis and Natalie Heupel; and (back, from left) Chloe Berns, Annie Twillie, Lauryn Killion, Josey Weaver, Avery Bardole  and Hannah Curtis.

Scranton Journal photo
Intermediate award recipients  |  Scranton Journal photo
Intermediate 4-H members receiving awards were (front, from left) Brock Badger, Madison Brincks, Kara Betts and Brock Wuebker; and (back, from left) Megan Brincks, Arthur Bardole, Immanuel Jubell and Aubrey Heupel.
Senior award recipients | Scranton Journal photo
Senior award recipients | Scranton Journal photo
 Senior 4-H members receiving awards were (front, from left) Emily Finch, Abby Badger, Gwen Black, Kara Betts and Emily Heupel; and (back, from left) Wade Wuebker, Jake Berns, David Dideriksen, Jared Marshall, Lucas Fisher, Reilly Niles and Cassidy Carstens.
Scranton Journal photo
Adult award recipients  |  Scranton Journal photo
Adults were recognized for their contributions to the success of the Greene County 4-H program during the 2014/15 year. Recognized at the awards ceremony Sunday afternoon were (front, from left) David and Cherie Roquet, 4-H Hall of Fame;  (middle, from left) Sara Robbins of NEW Cooperative Inc; Dawn Rudolph – 4-H Alumni; Jane Finch – Friend of 4-H; Michele Hardin – 4-H Alumni, and Wendy Pittman – First Presbyterian Church in Jefferson – Friend of 4-H; and (back, from left) Luann Waldo, The Scranton Journal – Meritorious Service; Joshua Hedges, Greene County Fair board – Meritorious Service; David Wolf – Five-year Award Of the Clover; Derek Kennedy and Tanner Lawton, Peoples Trust & Savings Bank – Friend of 4-H and Randy Hedges – 30-year Award of the Clover.
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