More hogs coming to the county

New county zoning coordinator Chuck Wenthold had an easy ride for his first hog confinement rodeo.

Less than two weeks since starting the job, the county board of supervisors held a public hearing Monday on a proposed expansion of a confined animal feeding operation (CAFO) at 1036 V Ave in Junction Township.

Brian and Wendy Sandage, doing business as B & S Pork LLC, have four buildings at the site, each with a 500 head capacity. They plan to build a fifth larger building with a 1,600 head capacity, bringing total site capacity to 3,600. The existing buildings are tunnel ventilated, Sandage said, and he plans the same for the new building.

The site is grandfathered in under the Iowa Department of Natural Resources regulations and a master matrix was not required. The public hearing was also not required. The supervisors approved a recommendation to the DNR to approve the permit for the expansion.

B & S Pork feeds under contract with Highway Farms of Ogden.

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