Jaskey re-elected to Jeff city council; GJ elects new mayor

Jefferson voters re-elected incumbent Lisa Jaskey to the District 2 seat on the Jefferson city council by a 15 vote margin. Jaskey received a total of 271 votes (51.04 percent) while challenger Matt Wetrich garnered 256 votes (48.21 percent). Four persons cast write-in votes.

David Sloan was elected to the at-large seat by a wide margin. Sloan received 269 votes (50 percent), with Brett Cranston the nearest opponent at 148 votes (27.51 percent). Lisa Turner received 73 votes (13.57 percent), Brandon Gustoff received 34 votes (6.32 percent) and MeLinda Madison-Millard received 12 votes (2.23 percent).

The seat is now held by Shannon Black, who did not seek re-election.

Not all voters cast a vote in the mayoral race, with incumbent Craig Berry the only name on the ballot. Berry received 460 of 483 votes cast. There were 23 write-in votes (4.76 percent). Voter turnout in Jefferson was 17.08 percent.

Grand Junction voters elected challenger David Kersey as mayor with 105 votes (53.57 percent). Incumbent Gerold Herrick received 87 votes (44.39 percent). In an uncontested race for city council seats, incumbent Meladee Graven received 159 votes (53.9 percent) and Alan Robinson received 114 votes (38.64 percent). There were 22 write-in votes. Voter turnout was 38.25 percent.

Paton voters re-elected mayor Steve Burrell although he was not on the ballot. There were no names on the ballot and a total of 17 write-in votes were cast. Burrell received 10, Brian Tasler and Dave Crandell received two each, and Alan Taylor, Chris Weidenfeller and Jaine Birch got one vote each. (In September, Burrell was re-elected to the Paton-Churdan board of education, also as a write-in.)

Incumbents were re-elected in an uncontested city council election. Casey Kaufman received 24 votes (35.82 percent), Eric Geisler received 21 votes (31.34 percent) and Judy Wilson received 17 votes (25.37 percent). Five write-in votes were cast. Voter turnout in Paton was 14.55 percent.

In Scranton, council member Randy Winkelman was elected as mayor with 47 votes (55.29 percent). Former council member Tina Walker received eight votes (9.41 percent). A total of 30 write-in votes were cast for mayor.

Scranton voters also elected three council members with only two names on the ballot. Connie A. Scrivner received 67 votes (38.95 percent) and incumbent council member Ethel Subbert received 51 votes (29.65 percent. A total of 56 write-in votes were cast, with Julie McAleer being elected with 11 votes. Current council member Cole Gustoff, who had not placed his name on the ballot for re-election, received seven write-in votes, as did Dave Dideriksen. Council member Orvie Umbaugh who, like Gustoff, was not on the ballot, received two votes, as did Leesa Squibb, Roger Hoyt, Tina Walker and Cindy Boyd. Nineteen different people received one vote each.

Proposition B was approved with 57 “yes” votes (79.19 percent) and 15 “no” votes (20.83 percent). The number of library trustees will be reduced from seven to five, and their terms will be shortened from six to three years. The mayor appoints library trustees, subject to approval by the city council.

The Dana city election drew 10 of the 35 total registered voters for a 29 percent voter turnout. Mandy Sims received six votes for mayor. She moves from a council seat to the mayor position to which Jack Pedersen did not seek re-election. Karlan Langfitt received seven votes for city council and Anthony Sims received six. There was one write-in vote cast. The two will fill positions held by Mandy Sims and Jeremiah Pedersen. Jeremiah Pedersen did not run for re-election.

Churdan mayor Joleen Killeen was not opposed and received 44 votes for re-election. There was one write-in. Council members Steve Killeen and Roger Olson were re-elected, with 41 (31.54 percent) and 42 votes (32.31 percent) respectively. Jason Minnehan received 42 votes to claim a seat now held by Andrew Nygaard, who did not seek re-election. Minnehan had been appointed to the council to fill a vacancy. Ann Meyer had also been appointed to fill a vacancy but did not seek election. Heidi Geisler received 40 votes (52.63 percent) and Nick Christianson received 29 votes (38.16 percent) to fill the vacancies to which Minnehan and Meyer had been appointed. Voter turnout in Churdan was 17.33 percent.

Daniel Brubaker was re-elected for another term as Rippey mayor, receiving 19 votes (100 percent). Incumbent council members Ned Johnston (18 votes, 36 percent), Jon Allen (17 votes, 34 percent) and Richard Liebich (15 votes, 30 percent) were re-elected. Donald Carpenter was elected to fill a vacancy with 18 votes. Voter turnout in Rippey was 11.73 percent.

All results are unofficial until the county supervisors canvass the vote next Monday.




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