Supervisors kill noise reduction ordinance

Thirty residents sign petition in support of noise ordinance

Truckers got the break on their unmuffled engine brakes as the Greene County supervisors by a 3-2 vote did not approve the first reading of a noise reduction ordinance aimed at quieting the sleeping hours of county residents.

Shane Olson has spent his summer trying to get an ordinance that would deter truckers from using their jake brakes as they approach the stop sign just yards from where he and his family live at the intersection of Highway 4 and County Road P-29 east of Churdan.

During the open form at Monday’s meeting Olson gave to the supervisors a petition signed by 30 county residents in support of the ordinance. The first reading of the ordinance on Aug. 17 ended in a 2-2 vote with supervisor Dawn Rudolph absent. Supervisor Tom Contner had said then that he was uncomfortable with the idea that a sole resident could “dictate” what should happen in the county. Olson gathered signatures to show he isn’t the only resident who supports the ordinance.

With the tie vote last week, auditor Jane Heun put another “first” reading on the agenda. It was later in the agenda and Olson was unable to stay until that vote was taken.

Guy Richardson made a motion to approve the first reading; the motion was seconded by John Muir. They both voted in favor, but Contner, Rudolph and Burkett voted against. “It’s fine. It’s done. It’s over,” Burkett said after the vote. The proposed ordinance will not be brought up for another reading.

Olson had said his family is awakened by jake brakes nightly, generally after 2 am. He says it is primarily haulers from northwest Iowa taking hogs to Perry. Signs were posted on P-29 earlier this summer announcing “No muffled engine brakes allowed,” in an attempt to quiet them.

After the Monday vote, county engineer Wade Weiss asked if he should remove the signs. The supervisors told him to leave the signs posted. However, courtesy is the only real rule in place.

Olson told GreeneCountyNewsOnline on Wednesday that his effort for a quieter neighborhood isn’t over. He will continue to gather signatures and asks anyone interested to contact him. He also suggested telephone calls to county supervisors.



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