Letter to the editor – John Thompson

To the editor,

The Democrats continue their war on language. After all, if they convince people that it is bad manners to talk about bad liberal policies it is harder to fight them. It’s also thought control. 

Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the chairman of the Democratic National Committee, travelled to the Iowa State Fair to speak at the annual Soapbox event. Amid liberal heckling of her leadership she declared that the term “anchor babies” is offensive. 

Donald Trump and Jeb Bush had been using the term to describe illegal immigrants who come to the United States and have a child to establish citizenship.  Both presidential candidates were challenged on the term and both asked reporters for a better one.  Neither reporter could offer a practical alternative.  

Wasserman Schultz and other Democratic leaders try and blur the lines between legal and illegal immigration.  Any conservative policy on illegal immigration is redirected towards attacks on all Latinos.

The DNC chair is not a savvy spokesperson but she does know how to keep her seat by appealing to victimization. President Obama has long been rumored to want her replaced but recoiled after threats that she would claim he was attacking her as a woman and a Jewish leader. 

Remarkably, these antics make her a perfect leader for a failing party. What better example to lead the liberals than a person who keeps her seat by claiming others are bigots?

They are beating themselves at their own game. They cannot be led by their best and brightest. Wasserman Schultz demonstrated her incompetence in a profound moment of honesty during an interview on the liberal MSNBC. 

Chris Matthews asked her “What is the difference between a Democrat and a socialist?”

She was asked several times and couldn’t answer the question. But she did try and go to her faithful answer of blaming it on Republicans.  Even the liberal host of Hardball wasn’t having it.  Democrats are in big trouble.  

–John Thompson, Jefferson


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