Weather data comes to GreeneCountyNewsOnline

For the past several months the weather data compiled by volunteer weather observer John Beltz has been included in the weekly crop report in GreeneCountyNewsOnline’s Wednesday Newsday update.

But, the USDA’s  National Agricultural Statistics Service is hibernating now until spring. There won’t be another crop report until April. GreeneCountyNewsOnline doesn’t hibernate. Here, in a different format, is Beltz’s weather data. Look for it every Sunday under the Good News tab. After all, there’s something good to say about every type of Iowa weather.

We all have our reasons for watching weather data…. we’re Snow Birds wondering what our kids and neighbors are dealing with, or we want to validate our gripes and whines about the weather, or we’re in an office pool and have 25 cents riding on who came closest to naming the total of the high degrees for the week. Whatever the reason, the numbers will be here on GreeneCountyNewsOnline.

Date High temp Low temp Precip Snow (inches)
Nov. 22 37 14 Trace
Nov. 23 54 36
Nov. 24 53 23 0.09
Nov. 25 25 15
Nov. 26 35 14 0.1 1.3
Nov. 27 28 -5 0.02 0.3
Nov. 28 18 -5

Note: Data is for the 24 hour period preceding 7 am on the date listed. Observations are made a mile west of Jefferson on Highway 30.

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