Paxton updates supervisors on economic development matters

Asks if an ammunition/arms manufacturer would be welcome

Greene and Carroll Counties have first dibs on recruiting a potential new business to west central Iowa, but Greene County Development Corporation executive director Ken Paxton wants to know the company would be welcome. Paxton talked with the board of supervisors during his quarterly update on Monday.

Region XII has identified the two counties as being best able to provide the location for a specialized ammunition and fireams company headquartered in Minnesota that is looking for room to grow. The company manufactures high quality firearms and ammunition. It is owned and operated by military veterans.

The company wants a location that would have about 6,000 feet of warehouse/manufacturing and office space, with another 20-50 acres nearby for a test/training range. Ideally, the property would have rolling hills.

“I want to run this by you to find out if you have any problems, any concerns with this kind of a company. I want to be sure you’re OK with it before I go out and try to recruit it,” Paxton said.

Paxton has already spoken with sheriff Steve Haupert about the company. Haupert said there would be an advantage to area law enforcement if the company located here. Law enforcement would be able to use the shooting range, and the county does not currently have a certified firearms instructor.

The company manufactures ammunition; gunpowder would be stored at the site. The company distributes smokeless gunpowder to re-loaders and retailers; provides instructors and training for concealed carry permits, and conducts firearms transfers. The company also will manufacture a law enforcement entry rifle specialized for breaching and clearing structures by law enforcement, and rifles, pistols and shotguns built to spec for competitive marksmen.

The company’s target market is law enforcement and civilian target shooters.

The company projects 19 jobs within three years of the expansion.

Paxton asked the supervisors to review information and let him know if he should not pursue the company expanding to Greene County. He also asked for suggestions of possible locations.

Paxton also briefed the supervisors on the tour of empty buildings being planned for April. The tour will focus on the empty buildings around the courthouse square in Jefferson. Information will be available on sale price and rehabilitation costs, possible tax incentives, city codes and insurance requirements and the history of each building. The tour is being organized under the Jefferson Matters: Main Street banner with support from GCDC, the Greene County Chamber, and other interested groups.

He also said he is looking for possible sites to market along Highway 30. He plans to contact landowners to learn if there would be interested in selling land, particularly fronting Highway 30 near Wild Rose casino.


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