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Rippey (submitted June 6): Rippey people can still have fun!  They are already thinking about next year’s May Breakfast theme!

 Rippey Ladies Aid – The Rippey Ladies Aid Guest Day was held May 1 at 9:30 am in the fellowship hall. The theme for the day was flowers.  Maralynn Rinker had the tables decorated with colorful tablecloths and bouquets of flowers.  Connie Neese was in charge of the breakfast, with a fruit cup, assorted scones, coffee and tea served to the guests.  Individual favors of tiny fabric flower magnets attached to a “Happy May Day” tag were made by Nancy Burrow, assisted by Kathy Jackson.

Sweetheart Rose and Farmer Bob
Sweetheart Rose and Farmer Bob

Following the meal the group gathered in the sanctuary for the program which was about “Flower Power” and forgiveness. Prelude music for the program was provided by Midge Vannatta on the piano and Kathy Fox on the baritone ukulele playing an assortment of numbers about flowers.   Phyllis Bardole gave the welcome and roll call was answered by 17 churches with a total of 81 in attendance, including seven men!  Connie Neese introduced the hymn numbers for the group sing, interspersed with scripture readings read by Jan Friess.  The sing-along ended with a duet by siblings Dick Bardole and Mary Ann Hick singing “My Wild Irish Rose.”

Jo Bardole read “The Language of Flowers” and demonstrated what a “tussie mussie” was. She then introduced the skit ”Flower Power,” starring  Maralynn Rinker as Suzy Sunflower, Nancy Hanaman as Zelda Zinnia, and Dale Hanaman as Claude Clover Bud. They entered the scene dressed as flowers and protesting against Farmer Bob, with other members waving placards in protest too!  As Jo interviewed each “flower” as to why they were protesting, Toni Roberts as Rosalind Queen Rose and Nancy Burrow as Carolin, the “silent mum,” entered the fray. Toni, Nancy, and Jo finally found one flower that was not protesting—Myron Rinker as Tiny Tim the Singing Tulip!  Dressed in long wig with ukulele in hand, Myron was finally coaxed down front to join the rest in singing “Where Have All the Flowers Gone?” During the song, who should appear but Farmer Bob (Philip Roberts) who wished forgiveness for any wrongdoing to the group.  After much discussion and a democratic (sort of) vote, he was given his wish by a kiss from Queen Rosalind the Rose (Toni Roberts).  All’s well that ends well!

Jo gave the benediction and everyone sang, “Pass It On”.   There were many smiles and much laughter as everyone left that day!

RIPPEY: Roy and Phyllis Bardole of Rippey drove to Wauwatosa, WI, May 27 to meet their new grandson, Chase Allen, who was born May 15 to Jason and Allison Bardole.

While in Wauwatosa, they celebrated the birthday of Chase’s big sister Kate, who turned 3, and Grandpa Roy had a birthday, too. Chase’s big brother Levi, 5, is still in school, so they walked him to school and back each day and attended one of his soccer games before returning to Rippey Saturday afternoon. Roy and Phyllis also got to watch the construction of a backyard fort, sandbox, slide and a swing set.

Kinkead-Martin American Legion Post _583 Old Rippey Cemetery, Memorial Day, 2014Many attended the Memorial Day services at the Rippey Cemetery and the lunch at the church afterwards.  All three cemeteries in the township were beautiful and the American Legion again went to Fairview, Angus, Old Rippey and Rippey to honor the veterans.  These are an amazing group of veterans who salute their comrades every year.  Thank you. Pictured is Kinkead-Martin American Legion Post 583 at the Old Rippey Cemetery.

 The Rippey United Methodist Church Ice Cream Social is Sunday, June 7.  Serving will be from 4 to 7 pm.

 On Sunday, May 25,  Randy and Carmen McColley and Lorraine Kelly were received into membership at Rippey UMC.

 On May 22,  Jean Borgeson traveled with her sister and brother-in-law, Dean and Elayne Bice of Johnston, and their son Chris Bice of Ankeny, to Montgomery, TX, where they attended the funeral services for their sister-in-law and aunt Dianne Darling.  They visited a couple days with Floyd Darling and his daughter Sarah before returning home on Sunday, May 25.

Memorial Day weekend guests in the home of Dale and Virgene Morse were Kevin and Delores Blanshan and Kelsey Blanshan of Waterloo and Eric Blanshan of Boulder CO. Good food and a great time were had by all.



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