What’s a little whipped cream in the face…

…if it gets kids to read?
Scott Johnson
Scott Johnson

The second grade teachers at Jefferson-Scranton elementary have been creative in their efforts this school year to get their students reading not only in school, but at home, too.

Each month they’ve offered an extra incentive for students who spend a set amount of time at home reading and studying spelling. One month students who met their goals got to spend time playing “Minute to Win It” games. In February students had an Olympic-themed party, playing games and making medals for their participation.

In March, students who met their goals had their names put in a drawing for a chance to throw a pie in the face of principal Scott Johnson. It’s hard saying if the students enjoy reading and spelling at home of if they just wanted to get their hands on the whipped cream pies, as 47 students met the goals for the month.

With all 47 readers assembled, the names of 12 students were drawn. Through their combined efforts, they made a really big mess of Mr. Johnson.

Johnson Pie groupAll the students were winners because they improved their reading and spelling. The lucky ones who got to toss pies were ( front, left to right) Eli Mohr, Harley Smith, Nathan Hubbs, Brice Ball, Cassie Knight and Braden Gersema; and (back, left to right)
Alex Blasnitz, Gavin Vander Linden, Nathan Ausberger, Cody Stephenson, Nathan Behne, Michael Rumley and Noah Brown.

More practice reading at home has been a project of the entire school, not just the second grade. In December, all students who met their goals were invited to a “Jingle Read” in the gym. For extra fun, the gym was darkened and students read by flashlight. The custodians even got out ladders to put paper over the windows.

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