Greene County magistrate court, week ended March 21

In Greene County magistrate court during the week that ended March 21 cases were initiated as follows: Eric William Chrystal of Jefferson, harassment-third degree and disorderly conduct.

Persons paid fines for scheduled traffic violations during the week that ended March 21 as follows: Heather Renee McDowell of Jefferson, failure to prove security against financial liability- accident related, $500; Kurt William Grosvenor of Mill Creek, WA, operation without registration, $50; Susan Jayne Walsh of Clare, operating non-registered vehicle, $50; and Amanda Annette Jewett of Rippey, failure to yield the right of way, $100.

Also, speed, $90 (16-20 mph over limit): Shawn Michael Kruger of Ankeny.

Speed, $40 (6-10 over): *Dallas Delhaney Ballard of Norwalk, *Po Na of Marshalltown, *Rajaa Ismail of West Des Moines, *Susan Jayne Walsh of Clare, *Maria Christine Cullen of Carroll, *Michael Alan Miller of Carroll, and Kurt Leroy Krieger of Jefferson.

Speed, $20 (1-5 over): Raymond Roy Williams of Boone,*Lance Scott Swain of Jefferson, and Allison Leann Ranck of Scranton.

Failure to wear/maintain safety belts, $50: Nicholas James Nelson of Jefferson.

Commercial motor vehicle violations: Trenton John Andrews of Dawson, maximum gross weight violation, $220, a second citation at $22, and a third citation at $11.

Judgments were entered against individuals for nonpayment of scheduled fines as follows (original fine listed): Meranda Jo Anthofer of Des Moines, failure to prove security against financial liability, $250; Lucina Daniel Chol of Andover, MN, speed, $80; *Jessica Lynn Buckalew of West Des Moines, speed, $40; Justin R Jodoin of Churdan, speed, $90, and failure to maintain control, $100; Dylan Mikul Casali of Grand Junction, failure to maintain control, $100; and Payne Timothy Blair of Jefferson, careless driving, $35.

The judgment includes a penalty of one-half the original fine and surcharge.

Court costs were $60 on each citation unless otherwise noted.

*An additional $5 county surcharge was added.

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